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Savings & Investments

Patterson Federal Credit Union has a savings product that's right for you. There are plenty of reasons to save: retirement, a child's education, a special occasion or just the security of putting away money for the future. Whatever your reason, Patterson Federal Credit Union has a savings product that's right for you. Our savings accounts, certificates and IRAs offer competitive dividend rates and such convenient features as direct deposit and payroll deduction.

PFCU Savings: Find What Account is Right for You.

Savings Solutions

Share Savings

When you become a member of the credit union, a savings account is opened in your name. An initial deposit of $25 is required. All members must maintain a $25 balance in their savings account to remain a member, and demonstrate regular activity in their account to keep it open.

  • Competitive interest rate paid quarterly on your average daily balance
  • Make up to three (3) savings withdrawals per month free of charge. After three (3) withdrawals in one month, a $5 charge per excessive withdrawal is applied
  • Online account access
  • Quarterly statements
  • Payroll Deduction & Direct Deposit

Christmas Club

A Christmas Club account is a smart and convenient way to save for the holiday season.

  • Pays out November 1st of each year (into shares)
  • Competitive Dividend Rate
  • Start with as little as $5
  • Quarterly statements
  • Payroll deduction for Automatic Deposit
  • There is no withdrawal fee if it occurs within 7 days of opening otherwise there is a $20 fee

Investing Solutions

Investment Products


A share certificate account is similar to a certificate of deposit (CD), but it is issued by a credit union, rather than a bank. Share certificates are a beneficial option to earn dividends and grow your savings. You can open a regular savings certificate with the following features:

  • Minimum balance of $500
  • Terms of six (6) up to 60 months
  • Fixed dividend for the term of the certificate
  • Competitive dividend rate
  • Interest paid quarterly

Bump Rate Savings Certificate

This is one way we put you in control of your financial future. This type of certificate allows you to enjoy the benefit of knowing that you will get our best rates. You can open a bump rate savings certificate with the following features:

  • Minimum balance of $500
  • Terms of 36, 48, and 60 months
  • Member can bump their interest rate to the current rate once during the term
  • Interest paid quarterly
  • Quarterly statements
  • Maturity date remains the same regardless of when bump is implemented


For many of us, a comfortable retirement will require that we set goals and start saving today. IRA savings accounts provide great tax benefits to help you achieve that goal.

  • Traditional and Roth available
  • Begin saving with as little as $500
  • Contributions may be tax deductible (consult your tax advisor)
  • No fees or activity charges
  • Make contributions by payroll deduction or automatic transfer

Always consult your tax advisor regarding your tax needs and situation.

We are here to help

One of the greatest challenges facing Americans today is ensuring the financial well-being and security of your family throughout your retirement years. With uncertainty over the adequacy of social security growing daily, it’s increasingly necessary to rely on your own savings plans and resources to support your future retirement plans.

Yet another challenge is finding money for the impending college education expenses for your children. Tuition and other collegiate expenses are on the rise, so it’s a good idea to get a head start on saving for those expenses now, instead of getting caught unprepared later. Call today and let one of our experts help you find the right savings plan for your needs!

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